The term lesbian is used for homosexual homoromantic females.


The term lesbian is derived from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos, homo of the 6th-century BCE poet, Sappho, who had professed her love for various women in her works. The term then began to be used as "from the island of the Lesbos" due to Algernon Charles Swinburne in 1866. Lesbianism then was used to describe passion between women in 1870.

Other names

Butch lesbian

Butch lesbian flag

Butch lesbian pride flag.

The term butch lesbian is sometimes used in place of lesbian to represent a homosexual homoromantic female who dresses and acts in a stereotypically masculine manner.

Lipstick lesbian

Lipstick lesbian flag

Lipstick lesbian pride flag.

The term lipstick lesbian is sometimes used in place of lesbian to refer to a homosexual homoromantic female who enjoys dressing in a stereotypically feminine fashion.


Sapphic flag

Sapphic pride flag.

The term sapphic is sometimes used in place of lesbian to refer to a homosexual homoromantic female. It is also used by nonbinary people as a less exclusive term than lesbian, indicating a person whose gender identity tends towards femininity and who are (exclusively or not) attracted to other such people.